Diana Prodan

My passion is learning what makes people tick, and my goal is to build relationships with my audiences and continuously learn about what drives their decisions. I strive to help companies really understand their customers and provide great experiences for those customers.

My marketing skills live at the intersection of branding and sales enablement with a focus on customer experience. I love to help companies build custom digital strategies using content, marketing automation, SEO, PPC, and social media to reach the right people at the right time through digital means.

I thrive in an environment that is challenging and constantly provides new experiences. My passion is people and figuring out what drives them. I am neither right norleft brained, but ambidextrous - my creativity and resourcefulness are well balanced with my organizational skills and ability to stay on task. I try to live each day going to bed just a little bit smarter than when I woke up. Most importantly, I have the extraordinary ability to walk the line between professional and fun.

All those things I learn daily? I use writing as my outlet to use that information for my benefit and for the benefit of the organizations/companies that I work for as well as the clients that fall under my guidance.
Below are a few samples of my work.

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